Saturday, October 17, 2015

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

As the so called Online shopping festival is coming to an end, it seems almost everyone purchased something or the other from it.

Few days back in one of the what's app group we were discussing about the warranty and genuineness of the products sold online. 

Although, most of the sites do sell genuine products and not below the retail price, there are few, which do not comply with manufacturer terms and conditions, and from there it triggers the warranty issues. 
If we search on internet there are number of complaints against some of the products, not only that we also have some of our friend who has gone through this.

There is a list of products who has put up the notice that they will not give warranty of their products if consumer buy then online or from unlisted seller. On the other hand some sites say that products cannot deny warranty and consumers can go to consumer court for justice.

So ultimately, where we are gaining ? 

Few questions to ask before shopping the product online 

1) Is it really necessary to purchase the product.
2) Is it at the same cost of market price
3) Product manufacturing date and compare it with the market
4) How much cost benefit is online shopping
5) Check the reviews before confirming the order.
6) Check with seller about the warranty conditions. 

There is no doubt that online shopping is in demand these days, there are various reasons to it.

1) Shopping at finger tips.
2) EMI option
3) Return policy
3) Saves travel and shopping time
4) Various offers and discounts

There are websites and products who have tie up these days and their products are exclusively available there only and going one step ahead by invite, which means they will manufacture only when there is demand to avoid any wastage.

What an idea Sirji :) 

So do shop wisely online :) Better to take care before shopping rather than wasting time later to clarify and settle things. 

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