Saturday, October 17, 2015

Journey from sales to Technical Writing in Maharashtra Times

Journey from sales to Technical Writing in Maharashtra Times

This started around 2003, when we were just rising up from the downfall of job market. I was then looking for job. Right from the interview everything was unplanned.

I was out with my friends to watch Hungama movie starring Akshay Khanna, Paresh Rawal and Rimmi Sen. As I was looking for a job, I used to carry my Resume and few passport photographs everytime i am out, you never know when someone ask for it. And it actually happened.

One of my friend just told me that Maharashtra Times is looking for sales team and she been there, but due to working hours she is not going to join that and asked me to try. I was not in formal attire or prepared for the interview but still i thought of giving a try.

And i entered the big hall, the hall was full of its capacity and there there were three rounds of interviews, that time i used to get one common interview question which is 'How i am related to Daji Bhatawdekar' well known actor in Marathi film industry. I had a chance to meet him once in my life with my grandfather.

So everything is done, and i got a reply that they will call me by evening, mobile phones were relatively new that time, and i headed from home, as this was not planned i have not informed my parents about this, but by the time i reached home and i could tell them what happened during the day, the selection call was already made :)

This is how selection happened in Sales team in Maharashtra Times almost 13 years back :) 

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