Monday, July 21, 2014

Reality check on Amul Milk's Circulating Images

Reality check on Amul Milk Circulating Images --

Just came across images circulating on social media of Amul's packed milk which is showing date as 23rd of July.

We started circulating this image assuming this is packed date. This shows how much we trust the brand which is doing business in India since our childhood.

In response to this Amul had given the response that the date 23rd July is not the packed date and this is the date before which packed milk needs to be consumed which as per the guidelines of food regulations.

First of all, they comply to the food authority regulations and then they again need to justify the same to protect their image.

Isn't it double efforts for them. Hope we people before circulating such images will go through it carefully.

This creates unnecessary confusion.  

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